I can make the difference

I can make the difference. This is the sentences that summarize the main idea behind this blog. Nowadays being “eco-friendly” is no more an option but a necessity. According on what is written on Wikipedia page for pollution, it has become a popular issue after World War II, due to radioactive fallout from atomic warfare and testing.

The situation is getting worst day by day so we need to change our lifestyle, our habits and our minds. We have to think “green” and on this blog you will found a lot of different information and tips to do it.

Hope you enjoy!!!


4 responses

  1. We can make the difference ! Can I join you ?
    As soon as we ride a bicycle from Camden to Pimlico just to see someone we care.
    And If you ride instead of driving a car, you can enjoy a city, knowing new places. So green power for all.

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