Rena disaster

New Zealand. A container ship has remained stranded on Astrolabe Reef last Wednesday. Even if the ship Rena ahs stopped leaking, there are more than 1300 containers on it and 11 are full with really dangerous goods, like hazardous substance ferro-silicon, which is flammable if it comes into contact with water.

The New Zealand authorities are trying to stabilise it because already 10 to 50 tonnes of oil had leaked in to the ocean and Rena could loose more toxic substances. They don’t have much time left because the weather is getting worse. Oil had already reached the Bay of Plenty, a hotspot for tourism. People were warned to stay away from the beach and avoid the contact with the oil. Nature’s worker had already begun to clean the beach and recovering animals. The owners of the ship, Costamare Inc, have not given an clarification for the grounding, that still don’t have any explanation because as the Prime Minister John Key said “ People know about the reef”.


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