Panda nursery: how we got here?

Even if those pictures are cute as they can be, it is also sad to see those baby panda in their “golden cage”.

For China Giant Panda has became a national symbol and an exceptional tourism catcher, so in the Breeding Centre in Chengdu veterinarians seek to preserve the species. This year a new census will be set and the result of it will say if the efforts have made any result.

The continued habitat loss, the deforestation had forced the researchers to take care of the new born panda like they were human babies. Their initiative is noble and reassuring but those creatures are supposed to be raised in bamboo forests not in human beds.



One response

  1. They kind of looks like 101 Dalmatians! Which one is Lucky? 🙂
    Keep them safe from extinction and all the Crudelia De Vil out there…

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