Nature through a lens

This afternoon with Fra I have been to the Natural History Museum of London where I saw an amazing photograph exhibition, WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2011. Most of the photos show free animals in their natural habitat or beautiful unspoiled landscapes. The photos are taken around the world, they are mainly captured in natural parks, by professional and amateur photographers. The exhibition will run until March 11 and it definitely worths the ticket (only £4.5).  Online on the Natural History Museum site is possible to order and buy all the photo or you can found the beautiful Portfolio in the shop.

Some of the animals represented in the photo are extremely rare and to be threatened with extinction. One example is Tiny warm-up by Cyril Ruoso (France).

Folded up into a fur-ball, this youngster is warming its extremities in between bouts of play and feeding. He is part of a band of about 70 or so Qinling golden snub-nosed monkeys living high up in China’s Qinling Mountains, surviving on lichen, leaves, bark and buds. ‘If mother is not around to cuddle up to, then sitting like this is the best way to keep warm in the extreme winter cold,’ says Cyril. Sitting apart from its mother also makes such a little monkey vulnerable to attack by goshawks or golden eagles. The species is endangered, and this subspecies probably numbers no more than about 4,000. The total population of all races of golden snub-nosed monkeys is only 8,000-20,000.

During the entire exhibition it seems to be in those beautiful places, so we have to think how we risk to destroy them every day.


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