Illegal fishing

Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing (IUU) fishing is a serious global problem that contributes to overfishing, creates unfair competition, and impedes sustainable fisheries.

Next time you are going to eat sushi think of what you have in your plate. With the growing demand for fresh fish more and more speacies risk to be destroyed especially salmon and tuna. Now even if you are eating “European fish” you can not be sure that product was fished following the internationl rules.

Greenpeace have recently funded out that Spain is the country in Europe that has the biggest illegal fishing trade even if the country receives European money.

IUU fishing respects neither national boundaries nor international attempts to manage fishing on the high seas.

It puts incredible pressure on fish stocks and significantly distorts global markets.

Worth between US$10 -23.5 billion per year, it also presents a major loss of income to coastal countries and coummunities. This is especially the case for some of the world’s poorest countries, which depend on fishing for food, livelihoods and revenues.

The poachers are also killing tens of thousands of marine animals as bycatch and destroying delicate habitats through their unregulated use of damaging, and sometimes illegal, fishing practices.

On Greenpeace site is possible to sign a petition against the illegal fishing in Spain and on WWF site it is possible to support their fisheries and marine conservation work.

If you want to be sure of buying sustainable seafood you have to search Marine Stewardship Council​ (MSC) ecolabel.

On is possible to check all the species of UK seafood.  By using this site, you can find out which fish come from well-managed sources and/or are caught using methods that minimise damage to marine wildlife and habitats.


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