EDF found guilty of spying on Greenpeace

The French courts convicted EDF, the French nuclear giant of spying on  French Greenpeace office.

“So it turns out we’re not paranoid then” is Greenpeace comment on its site.
EDF was hacking the computers of the green organisation, putting viruses into its networks and compiling dossiers of the activists in Britain.

“We’re not over the top when we say the nuclear industry can’t be trusted and their underhand methods of trying to see off their opponents make them incompatible with democracy” continued Greenpeace Uk.

In 2006, EDF hired a private detective agency called Kargus Consultants, run by a former member of the French secret services, to work out what Greenpeace France was planning. The agency hacked the computer of Yannick Jadot, Greenpeace’s then campaigns director, taking 1,400 documents from his computer.

Last week the French Judge, Isabelle Prévost-Desprez pronounced a verdict of guilty in the trial of French state owned energy giant EDF, which was accused of industrial scale espionage against Greenpeace. She sentenced EDF executive Pierre-Paul François to three years imprisonment, with 30 months suspended and Pascal Durieux three years imprisonment, two years suspended and a 10,000 Euro fine for commissioning the spying operation.

The judge also handed down a guilty verdict in the case of Thierry Lorho, the head of Kargus, the company employed by EDF to hack into the computers of Greenpeace. He has been sentenced to three years in jail, with two suspended and a 4,000 Euro fine.

EDF has been fined 1.5 million Euros and ordered to pay half a million Euros in damages to Greenpeace.

Adélaide Colin, Greenpeace France communications director, said: “The fine against EDF, and the damages awarded to Greenpeace send a strong signal to the nuclear industry that no one is above the law.”

EDF France refused to comment on the trial results.


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