Marine Solars Cells

Innovated by London-based industrial design professional Phil Pauley, marine solar cells – abbreviated as MSC – can be used to generate effective solar and wave energy.

They looks like blue bubble and they float in the see, but they are more that a futuristic art masterpiece.

In fact MSC could use both the energy of the sun and of the waves. Thanks to their shell shape they could reach 20% more energy of the normal solar panel and they can also exploit the energy of the water reflection.

The solar-wave plant responds to the global need for large-scale renewable energy capture and has huge implications for offshore energy generation and local marine conservation.

“These hybrid marine generators would be an effective way of capturing more energy per square metre. The design means they could be largely constructed from recycled materials too,” said Pauley.

According to the innovator, this would result in more marine area being covered and in-turn a much higher rate of energy being generated. Along with this benefit, Phil Pauley also talks about extensive employment generation through the installation of the marine solar cells in the high seas and the feasibility and flexibility in terms of the materials used to build the marine solar cells.

The marine solar cells are riding on an enormous amount of prognostication both by its inventor and by the experts in its field of application. It can be hoped that the predictions surrounding the gadget materialise and that generation of renewable energy reaches to a new level unlike any before.

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