Crocodile Spa

Animals are not human being, but are human being behaving like animals. After have seen today article on Metro I am more than convinced of this.

In Australia, Parap Day Spa have decided to do a complete Spa treatment to a poor crocodile.

The day of beauty includes pedicure waxing and skin exfoliation. But the worst is yet to come as the Metro journalist says: “Perhaps it’s the hair attached to the waxing strip that gives the game away or the fact that the poor creature is wearing a protective bikini bottom”.

The business manager Louanne Grasmeder knows how to grab attention in the Territory. This is the most insane idea for publicity I ever see.

Giving a crocodile a makeover to show costumers that if she is able to make even a crocodile look like a lady, everyone has hope, is just cruel.

She rented a saltie from Darwin’s crocodile research centre and zoo Crocodylus Park to encourage Territorians to visit her Parap Day Spa.

Who could possibly allowed this! This is what happened when people think they can use animals for their own purpose.

Animals are not object and they deserve to have I wild and free life.

You begin with buying a haute couture coat for your dog and we will end doing a bikini wax to a crocodile.

It seems that the people have completely lost their mind.


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