Durban summit 2011

Today is the last day of the Durban conference, where the destiny of the new climate guidelines will be write.

To follow the conference live you can visit The Guardian online.

At the moment there is a protest.

“Climate Justice”. “Action now”. “Do not kill Africa.” “Stop climate change.” A few hours before the end of the meeting, the corridors of the building where the conference takes place in Durban  have been invaded by a hundred representatives of small islands and African countries, the climate indignados. They ask for a decision seemingly simple, even obvious: follow the directions of the international scientific community.

But when specific interests such as those of oil and coal lobby, even what seems easy and right could change. And that is exactly what is happening in Durban. A decision will be made during the night, but it is clear that the indication of climatologists (cut drastically and rapidly emissions of greenhouse gases) is not heard by governments that pollute more.


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