Frozen Planet

Our ice is melting really fast because of the damages that we cause to the environment everyday. If the ice will gone we will not survive.

Glacier is melting and the water forms a river on the its surfaice

OK, I admit I am in a ‘Frozen Planet’ mood. Those documentaries are amazing because they give us images of nature and animals never saw before.

Especially if we have to considerate where and when those video was shouted. The efforts behind this results are incredible and I am so happy to see that there still are people so passionate of their job. Not everybody will spend four months with penguins in the Arctic Pole!

But after the last episode I am in a bad mood. I knew it. After amazing images and breathtaking landscapes the bad new were just around the corner.

I am honest when I say that I was tempted to turn off the television because I was too  in anguish.

For who that have not seen the programs ‘Frozen Planet’ documentaries explained how the Poles change between the seasons.

The last episode shown how the ice is melting because of the global warming.

The temperature in the Poles raise twice fast that in the rest of the world because  the ice reflects the sun rays while the sea water absorbs them.

The consequences of the ice melting could, and already are, devastating for the animals and the human being that live in those regions but would soon be felt also in the rest of the world.

If the ice will melt the oceans level will rise all around the world by 60 meters!! That will mean that most of the lands will be overflown.

In the last 30 years some of the thousand-year glaciers have started to melt. The see level is grown by 0.5 meters.

When we are thinking to do something. We really want to destroy our planet. This is not anymore something that only freaks environmentalists should care about it. This is something that effect everybody.

3 responses

  1. When such powerful reminders as a four year in the making series aboout the frozen polar regions is an amazing feat of endurance worhty of some of the early polar explorers’ feats of bravery… now we get a quibble over the use of footage from a Euro-zoo park instead of waiting to create a den-like situation out in the wild. How many times have we seen such footage before without any viewers’ comments being made?? We should be thinking coservation – not controversy over this splendid series.

  2. An absolutly amazing programme the best on tv. the filming and photos are amazing, along with discovering new and wonderful things. Who cares that some filming regarding Polar bears were done in a zoo. That was obviously the best and safest way for people and the cubs to be filmed. and who better to commentate it than David. The whole series has been brilliant and I shall be buying the DVD and the book. keep up the good work. I have one question- the submarine-was that from the 1980’s – only my husband was on HMS Superb and that sub along with an American were the first Sub to break through the Ice. So I am wanting to know was that a film footage from the 80’s or a recent on?

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