Frozen Planet lie

I am sincerely disappointed. The polar bears cubs in the documentary were

Sir David with a polar bear in the last episode of Frozen Planet

not “beneath the snow” as Sir David said.

Who you can trust nowadays if even BBC Frozen Planet disappointed you?

A part from irony, actually when I saw the footage I tough “how they have reach them under the snow?”

And it is even worst to know the sad destiny of this two little creatures.

Sir David said it was right that the programme disguised the origins of the footage because telling the truth would “ruin the atmosphere” for viewers.

He told ITV1’s This Morning: “During the middle of this scene, when you’re trying to paint what it’s like in the middle of winter in the Pole, do you say, ‘Oh, by the way, this is filmed in a zoo?”

“It would completely ruin the atmosphere and destroy the pleasure of the viewers. It’s not a falsehood.”

On this point I have to agree with him, but even if this story will partially

Maybe a too mean cartoon from the Mail Online

ruin the reputation of the programme and of the Frozen Planet team, all their work remains priceless.

And the most important thing is that the message behind those incredible image remains the same.

This story has rather strengthened the SOS message on the climate condition and shows us that it is already quite impossible to see polar bear cubs because they are less and less.

This uncomfortable truth is in front of us. The BBC made a mistake but we do not have to throw away another occasion to reflect on the climate changes and the wildlife situation.


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  1. For me knowing that the scene was acted out , did not change how I viewed the show. I would have actually been disappointed if they didn’t show the scene or displayed a warning in the middle of it would have cut my attention because it was so beautiful. It was done in a very professional manner and transmitted the right atmosphere and picture to the viewer. Maybe they should have written something in the end of the show explaining this, but to me the scene was very powerful and successful. At the end of the day, this is not a news show, I see it as somehow educational.

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