Eco Christmas tree designed by Jolanta Šmidtiene

For the past three years, Jolanta Šmidtienė has been designing the

Jolanta-Šmidtienė tree

holiday décor for Kaunas in Lithuania.

This year, the city was faced with an extremely restrained budget. They sought to create a recycled tree of some sort that would be beautiful without breaking the bank.

It is Christmas. The lights bright the streets, decorations are everywhere and a smell of crackling fireplaces fill the air.

I just love Christmas. Unfortunately since I have became an “ecologist” Christmas has a bitter taste.

In fact I cannot help to think about all the massive footprint that all our family will leave while we are celebrating the most famous birthday in the world.e

Yes because behind all our presents and lights there is a huge production of greenhouse gas and waste.

So I loved the Christmas tree designed by Jolanta Šmidtiene for the city of Kaunas.

The tree did not cost anything and it is made only by recycled plastic bottles.

The massive fir is 42 feet high and made with more than 40 thousand bottles tying together.

At night the tree lit from the inside and emits a powerful emerald light.

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