Gaia, the Italian house that eliminates smog

It was built with a  smog-eating cement and paint,  in Cerro

Gaia the smog eating house

Maggiore, near Milan, the first zero emissions house.

The building was named “Gaia”, because of its impact on the environment, and is the first ecological experiment carried out with a house painting “photocatalytic”.

“Gaia” has already won awards from the Legambiente, an Italian environmental agency,  and the Ministry of Economic Development, in addition to Class A + certification, the highest certification in energy savings.

The complex includes energy-saving heating systems, no boilers or flues, elevator, and energy saving light bulbs.

But the most important new feature is the use of an exterior paint that can transform the contaminants into the air clean.

The new paint was made by Trieste Harpo  company after many years trying.

The product combines high quality and the attention to the environment.
The painting “RIALTO domosil photocatalytic”, under the action of sunlight, activates an oxidative process that breaks down pollutants particles  in the atmosphere.

These, once in contact with the facade of the building, under the action of the Sun, are transformed into non-polluting particles, purifying the air.

Zazzaro Tullio, director of the division of Harpo RIALTO group, explains: “The process of purification that is activated through the photocatalytic paints Harpo group is both very simple and very complex. The solar active photocatalyst particles to neutralize the pollutants. For example, oxides of nitrogen absorbed on the surface are converted into calcium nitrate”.

In practice, the most dangerous pollutants substances such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde, with the activation of photocatalysis, are converted into inert compounds soluble in water, non-polluting .

“While maintaining high breathability and water resistance of the masonry- Zazzaro says – coating system provides an effective anti-pollution and anti-fouling with the transformation of air pollutants in water-soluble or inert substances, without that they remain fouling in painting”

This, therefore, maintains the brightness of the color white in time, avoiding the need for costly maintenance and repainting.

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