Light up your bike with new LED technology

Taillights and fluorscent accessories for night-time journeys are history: the way to illuminate your road will completely change with Revolights.

This LED technology will not only light up all your wheels but will also make your bike perfectly visible in the darkness.

Revolights is a set of bicycle lights that will be placed on the rim of each wheel. The design is also quite simple: two thin LED rings (one red, one white) attached just below the brakes of each wheel.

The lights will continue to charge thanks to is a small hub attached to the bike, connected with a slim wire, holding a rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery.

Although the authorised colours for lights on a road are red and white, the lights also come in slightly different tones.

Revolights will be available on the market from March.

Once it is complete, Revolights will be available for purchase on the net and will set you back around £ 142.

Are you ready to join the revolution?


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