Fixed-gear bicycle trend

She is the queen of the urban jungle.  The fixed-gear bicycle is recognisable by her austere design that makes her look like a piece of art.

Essential and really easy to manage the peculiarity of this bike is that she has no brakes and no gear changes.

The pedals, through the chain, are directly connected to the hub of the rear wheel. And the only way to stop cycling with this bike is by pedalling backwards.

This bike also has no fenders, and therefore is lightweight and requires minimal maintenance. Imported from New York, where bike messengers made them famous, fixed-gear is definitely the bike of the moment.

The key to the success of this fashion is definitely in the beauty of the objects: frames and matching coloured handlebars, pedals and wheels: even the chains reflect the tones of the other components!

In the world of fixed gear, as in fashion, clothing is not left to chance: colourful tops, pants rolled up, always ready to jump in the saddle at all times and little vintage cycling hats.

Everything must mach to be a real “fashionista” biker.


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