Protestors against Somerset new nuclear power station

In Somerset anti nuclear protestors have taken squatting rights on farmland owned by the energy giant EDF after to stop the work for the new nuclear plant.

The power station will be the third plant to be build in the area of Bridgwater, which contains protected wetland. The activists took possession of an abandoned farm on the site, which is protected under International Environmental law.

Earlier in February, West Somerset Council approved planning permission for EDF to prepare the site for the controversial new nuclear station, which has now signed an agreement to provide £30m to mitigate the impact of the works and agreed to reinstate the land if its application to build the station is rejected by the Infrastructure Planning Committee.

This is the second time in a week that the campaigners occupy the site to stop the begging of the works.

During the second week of February the protesters toke possession of a wood, in a bid to stop the trees to be cutting down arguing that removing the trees would unnecessarily destroy the site if planning permission is not given.

After few days, the police and local authorities evicted them but the committee Stop Hinkley has decided not to give up.

One of the protestors Theo Simon told Earth First: “We want to reclaim this land and make sure that the wildlife that inhabits it and forages here is protected. Giving permission to clear the land before Planning Permission has even been granted clearly gives the message to EDF that permission is a done deal. I, and many others like me, want proper public consultation and debate before we commit to a technology whose toxic legacy will remain for generations.”

Through Social Media such their Facebook page and local newspapers campaigners are trying to get involved more and more people.

They ask for support and invite everyone to join their protest.

Although the anti-nuclear committees have gained more supporters, some locals welcome the new power station.

Camille Berens, from Stop Hincley adds: “There is support for our campaign but there is also a lot of support for the new power station. This is because there are very few secure jobs in the region and local people have been promised around 700 new jobs from Hinkley C and a community cash injection of over £1m. So you can understand why EDF Energy is such a powerful company in the region.

By Beatrice Giacobone

Photo by Oliver Dixon


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